Once a week

I, enjoying a recent wealth of free time, had spent the first three months of 2020 volunteering and engaging with organizations in my community. CSA (distributing vegetables, graphic designing newsletters), Community Board meetings (asking questions about a proposed development, witnessing deliberations on zoning), Habitat for Humanity (building houses, sprucing up schools), Brooklyn Bridge Park (cleaning […]

Non-fiction Urbanism

A Recipe In Three Chapters

I: Data, Cities When we analyze cities through the lens of data and maps, how and when do people enter the picture? Data City, our data analysis and mapping seminar in the Master in City & Technology, was meant to explore the production, transport, consumption, and disposal of food at an urban scale, through the […]


A New Verticality

The first question is: are humans endowed with limits– are we endowed with yokes? The answer is yes, and there is one specific yoke which I wish to highlight, one of a highly fundamental nature. It is horizontality. And it’s getting to be a burden. Our sense of physical reality is shaped almost across the […]