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Architecture Photography

Parrish Art Museum

The Parrish Art Museum is doing a fantastic job of delineating a history of art specific to Southhampton. On display are artists, native and migrant, who have contributed to the area’s now-iconic imagery of nature, building, and lifestyle since 1900 with their work. Included in that roster are William Merritt Chase, Esteban Vicente, Eric Fischl, […]


Definition of a City

A city is a place Where one can’t scream in peace.

Art Non-fiction

The Private Lives of Ideas

Browsing Book Court’s New York Review Books shelf, one of my favorite publishers of late, I encountered its edition of The Unknown Masterpiece from Honoré de Balzac. Though he kept it short and sweet and I enjoyed it very much, none of the story has stayed with me closer than the epigraph (such is the curse of excellent […]


Boredomology / Thaasology

Dr Teresa Belton has released an insipid article which advocates a need for more boredom in our generation. While the article is itself boring and meek, I tend to agree with its closing statement. But it is a state to be approached gingerly. The history of boredomology (thaasophobia is supposedly the fear of boredom, so […]