Own projects:

Instagram: @majorvonz
A cumulative, visual repository of drawings, photographs, models, and poems... of encounters with the physical world, and thoughts projected onto it.

Crises of Documentation
A repository for my orbital thoughts that are too distant to impact my professional architectural practice but are nonetheless influenced by it.

Literally Just Saying
A meme-based If-You-Can't-Beat-Em-Join-Em blog about the current trends in the English language.


Other Eight
Othereight is an online and print magazine, founded by Linn Kagay and Noah Garcia, which explores the concept of the remaining eight hours in the day, after work and sleep, that we devote ourselves to. Interviews, profiles, work showcases, community-building.

The Earth Lab
A speculative architectural development in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, focused on large-scale sustainability and community outreach. This blog documents its genesis. With collaborators Noah Garcia and Tse-en Fan.

Satellite Collective
A free-form, multi-disciplinary group consisting of dozens of individuals from numerous creative disciplines. Producing and directing performance pieces, exhibiting fine art, and publishing online. Headed by Kevin Draper. Current collaborators.

Friends, Inspirations:

Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia is an architect and artist from NYC with roots in Miami. He is the co-founder of Other Eight. His design work ranges from 3D fabrication of medical devices to reinventing the fresco with modern construction materials.

Victoria Febrer
Victoria Febrer is an artist with origins in Valencia, Spain. Her artwork deals with themes like landscape, memory, and the female body.

Esme Boyce Dance
Dancer, choreographer, collaborator, friend.

Leo Castaneda
Leo Castaneda's work fuses traditional painting and sculpture techniques with narratives and environments inspired by video game design and virtual reality.

Jill Hubley
I discovered Jill's work online when I was entering the magic world of data visualization and mapping. Her studies are clear, relevant, and beautiful, and they have been an asiprational compass.