Frame X Frame: A Public Anti-Pavilion

Competition entry for SUPERFRONT's 2013 Public Summer Competition. Located at First Street Green Cultural Park, a narrow park & lot at Houston Street between 2nd and 1st Avenues. The pavilion's aim is to house a range of public events over the course of the summer, and engage the public on its own by highlighting a specific condition of urbanity.

FRAME x FRAME views the city as a congregation of still images that capture / evoke / filter motion through the urban environment. It is loosely inspired by Bernard Tschumi's Pavilion at Parc de la Villette. Individual painted wood frames can be easily constructed and can be adapted to multiple functions and compositions, and placed strategically throughout First Park. They can be empty to frame the city and people, hung as awnings, or infilled with objects / projections — the visitors can become users by uploading content to the projections.

Finalist / Honorable Mention

With Linn Kagay & Justin den Herder.

Summer 2013