House in Sunnyside – construction photos I

Behold the latest construction photos from my mother’s project in Sunnyside, Queens. She has designed this whole house HERSELF– seriously, no helping hands– for the past couple of years. She and her client, Irina, have decided that two women are going to get a house built no matter how many (male) engineers and contractors it takes.
I was particularly pleased with these because the parabolic, doubly-curved roof which I helped 3D model appears to be working out– something I know she was losing sleep over. You can see at the edges of each gable how the plywood sheets rest on the rafters. They have to each be warped individually– either by wetting them, or by shear force (that’s a pun) with nails. Fingers crossed, mom…….. tentative congratulations in advance (this is payback for your posting my licensure image on Facebook).

And just like that, architecture happens!!

By the.vonz.himanen

Ivan Himanen is an architect, writer, and artist based in New York City.

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