Gillette Landmark Sculpture Competition

Gillette's deeply rooted principles are evoked with the ascending form of the singular, monolithic, straight razor. It is comparable to the "primitive hut" in the architectural discourse. The form also translates to nature, where water molecules are powerfully split and vaporized through the chemical reaction known as hydrolysis. The shape of the water molecule H2O uncannily evokes this phenomenon.

The sculpture consists of a tall monolithic razor form, kissed by two glass "wings" which extend outward. It also doubles as a fountain. The construction rests upon a trapezoidal plinth that slopes down gently from the center in all directions. Small channels that run the perimeter of the plinth collect runoff water and circulate in through pipes. These pipes lead up to the base of the sculpture, finishing in small high-pressure sprinkler heads that bathe the swooping wings in water. The water and the glass interplay as the former drips down the latter onto the plinth, thus recommencing the circuit. The implementation of the water feature will vary seasonally.

With Noah Garcia & Leonardo Castaneda