One good reason to scorn NYU

There’s something about NYU that makes otherwise smart architects produce the bulkiest, ugliest buildings. These things stick out like sore thumbs. Who would’ve guessed that they were designed by Philip Johnson, Rafael Vinoly, and Kevin Roche.
Philip Johnson
Rafael Vinoly
Kevin Roche
I have a theory. It involves severely insulting NYU’s board of directors, for they are probably the most disgustingly bureaucratic people in New York. In addition to that, there is the backlash when smart people like those aforementioned lose all their motivation to perform well as architects and take their smart hands out of that morass. Take the money and run, as Rod Knox might say. The result is a team without leadership and coordination– producing hunks of doodoo.

By the.vonz.himanen

Ivan Himanen is an architect, writer, and artist based in New York City.

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